The Links Page has information and links specifically about the eclipse and its path across the U.S. These will include both static and animated maps and time of day/duration of the eclipse as it proceeds across the U.S. The products (which are accessed on the Shop Now page)are divided into 2 categories, T-shirts and posters. There will be a T-shirt for each state with a design on the front showing a map of the state and the path of the eclipse across it. The path will include a few of the significant communities in the path, mostly large cities or tourist destinations. The design on the back of the shirt will be a much more extensive listing of all the communities in the path of totality. In some case one shirt will have 2 states on it if the path significantly crosses one state but only a small piece of the other state. All designs both front and back will be available on posters. There will also be a T-shirt and posters available showing the path of totality across the entire U.S. Free shipping and discounts available on bulk orders be sure to ask us about those. We are planning to have more T-shirt and poster designs available in the future so check back periodically.

Total eclipses of the sun are rare events for any particular location and for most people will be a once in a lifetime event. That's why we're trying to make everyone aware of this eclipse. They are the only time the sky gets dark in the middle of the day and the brilliant corona surrounding the sun that is ordinarily not visible becomes visable. Many people have a passing interest in astronomy so the T-shirts can become conversation starters before the eclipse and souvenirs afterwards. The posters are especially useful for science teachers who can display or pass them out. 


Celebrate The Eclipse T-shirts

This is the website for information and products raising awareness of the upcoming total eclipse of the sun that will occur on Monday August 21, 2017 and go clear across the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina.

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