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The total solar eclipse of Monday August 21, 2017 will begin at sunrise over the North Pacific Ocean about halfway between Alaska and Hawaii. It will proceed east over the North Pacific until it engages the Oregon coast at about 10:15 AM local time. It will take about an hour and a half to fully cross the continental US exiting the coast of South Carolina at about 2:45 PM local time. It will then proceed across the North Atlantic Ocean until sunset when it will be not far west off the coast of Africa. The eclipse is unusual in that the continental US will be the only land that it will touch. The longest duration of the eclipse will be 2 minutes and 40 seconds which will be near Hopkinsville in western Kentucky.

Be sure to peruse the list of links on the left side of this page. The 1st link at the top directs to the amazing site which is a one stop shop for information about the eclipse. It includes state maps, detailed narratives and lists of duration times for many of the communities in the path.

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